Winter camouflage hunting gloves warm non-slip fishing gloves waterproof touch screen ski camping gloves


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Availability: 19282 in stock

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Extremely warm winter gloves: The winter ski gloves are filled with 260 grams of acrylic cotton. The thick and smooth inner wool can withstand temperatures from -30°F to -4°F.

Windproof and waterproof: Adjustable buckles, wrist straps and drawstrings can be closed more tightly, effectively preventing outdoor cold air. The waterproof TPU insert bag also keeps your hands dry. Keep your hands dry in snowy, sweaty, damp or rainy conditions

Function: All fingers are designed with high-quality materials, there is no need to take off the touch screen gloves when skiing or other winter sports. Very suitable for outdoor work, motorcycles, cycling, cycling, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, outdoor sports, etc.

Warm gloves: Men’s and women’s winter gloves are made of 3M thermal insulation cotton and skin-friendly thin layer fleece lining to ensure that you stay warm outdoors, skiing or snowboarding.

Designed for skiers of all levels. The ski gloves are very flexible, which means that every movement feels natural and has good thermal insulation, which is very suitable for skiing, snowboarding, snow shoveling, outdoor work in cold weather

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