⚠️ BREAKING: TANKS & TROOPS Deploying Inner USA & Canada!

⚠️ BREAKING: TANKS & TROOPS Deploying Inner USA & Canada!

11 thoughts on “⚠️ BREAKING: TANKS & TROOPS Deploying Inner USA & Canada!”

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  2. I comprise now not deem folks must be contented to any extent extra that we now salvage capacity too many criminals on our streets and martial law would be in repeat. But where will they house the total millions of criminals. I vote they shapely dump them within the ocean and feed the fish.

  3. Ospreys are a little bit of shit. No capacity they had been transporting presidential team in them. For any one who has below no circumstances had the pleasure in riding in one, ought to restful know that theres no paneling inside of to quilt the total wires and what now not to place weight making it louder than hell to streak in even with headsets on.

  4. And all these reviews are coming from areas where there are army reserves and nationwide guard training facilities and armouries.Right here is all being reported to fireside up the folk.This bid takes area each month.Oh and for all that comprise now not already know.This nation has been below martial law ever since shapely ol’ finest Abe called it up in repeat to exhaust the militia to withhold the southern states from succeeding from the union and it has below no circumstances been redacted. It shapely hasn’t been enforced at the present time like it became support then.Why comprise you watched they can name up the militia for domestic matters like riots and protests?ONLY below martial law can this nation name up the militia for a domestic topic.

  5. Probabilities are you’ll possibly perchance unbiased below no circumstances salvage seen this selection of bid with the tanks on the roads but I salvage ever month right here in Minnesota.It be now not something else anybody will get worked up over right here because all and sundry knows it be nothing more than training weekend.

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