11 thoughts on “⚠️ALERT: Has AMERICA Already SUBMITTED?”

  1. Let’s receive it on, bring on China, USA will drop, it is over, US is just not any longer the arena police, let’s see the patriots defend themselves, let the bullets cruise pass the ammunition and praise G-d.

  2. I have faith when the time comes China will hit us with a four prong attack. This can initiate with assaults on the internet and our satellites and perhaps an EMP blast over the guts of the country to take out our energy and commo. Sleeper devices already within the country will quit sabotage and targeted assassinations. Paratroopers from Cuba adopted by landing craft will hit the gulf flee. At the identical time troops hidden in containerships hit the west flee. If every little thing goes in accordance with plan sleeper devices can like already taken out key authorities officials in DC. All the pieces from troops to tanks to missile programs would perhaps also be hidden in containerships. Our authorities wants to scrupulously inspect how many troops they invent to Cuba. They’ll strive and bring in higher than we divulge they’ve. It is wise that they would hit Taiwan and the US on the identical time. The Chinese language know that we are able to repel The invasion of correct Taiwan. They need to like us busy in diversified areas.

  3. Matthew 18:6 “If someone causes regarded as one of those little ones—those that divulge in me—to stumble, it’d be higher for them to like a predominant millstone hung spherical their neck and to be drowned within the depths of the ocean.

  4. China and Russia will invade and occupie the US. Hundreds of Chinese language defense power faded men are already within the states looking forward to the battle call.

  5. The USA obtained’t ever be invaded. The militia groups will expose invaders what danger in truth is. The same would perhaps also be stated of any sovereign nation. Fix those internal issues within the US, the country is crumbling below the novel stale administration. China and Japan are sworn enemies, historically. Angels alarm to tread in that battle.

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