🔴REAL REASON Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon had been fired Minutes Aside

🔴REAL REASON Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon had been fired Minutes Aside

11 thoughts on “🔴REAL REASON Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon had been fired Minutes Aside”

  1. Present you a story about an incident that came about to me help in the early 90s. I had a duplicate of Stare A Light Horse by William Cooper, and changed into smartly versed on its contents. I changed into partial to his from him being on G Gordon Liddy’s syndicated radio label. A chum and myself would talk on the cell phone for hours about crimson tablet stuff that changed into going down even then. One morning, after my buddy and I had a lengthy dialog about Cooper’s guide the evening sooner than, I changed into driving to work and a certain white van handed me going the erroneous arrangement on a two lane twin carriageway as I changed into heading for the twin carriageway. I realized as rapidly as it handed me it did a 180° and caught as a lot as me at a stop light. I grew to change into left onto the twin carriageway and purposely went slower, and this van stayed on my tail. After a whole lot of hundred yards, it pulls out to poke spherical me, moreover it started cruising without delay alongside me at a slack tempo. I changed into afraid to death. I by no arrangement did be taught about over at them. They were clearly attempting to intimidate me. At final I purchased to my turn off and they kept going straight. I assume it changed into somebody who didn’t fancy what I changed into studying and what I changed into speaking about and they were sending a message. I’ll by no arrangement neglect that as lengthy as I live. Oh, I sold 2lbs of Woke Coffee the day before on the present time. I’m proud to toughen them!

  2. After the election fiasco I finished looking at Fox, I watched Tucker and most inspiring Tucker who came about to procure a platform on some turncoat station but I didn’t maintain it against him.

  3. Oh also the antichrist is AI. They destroyed God and created their very maintain God. They’re uninteresting as a consequence of they deem that they preserve an eye on it. AI will take over and murder all the pieces.

  4. I DID NOT KNOW THAT TUCKER CARLSON WAS YOUR COUSIN?!?! THATS SWEET DUDE…1 i fancy your videos im 28 been following your channel literally since i changed into fancy 19 lol and a pair of i fancy tucker sizable time.. now no longer troubled to talk out on sensitive issues

  5. Gain now no longer believe ELON Musk Neuralink mind preserve an eye on penal advanced 🔥 transhumanism AGENDA 🔥 Miami lady 😏 like your content material 😌 Withhold the incredible work 💜

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