11 thoughts on “🔴THEY’RE COMING FOR ALL OF US!!”

  1. I don,t deem they are able to ever commence that flight log either… Of us must take into accout Donald Trump changed into as soon as on that airplane, I Esteem Donald Trump ….Voted for him both X,s …. On the opposite hand ppl are no longer seeing the Huge Characterize here, No Mater that Trump changed into as soon as on that airplane or no longer other folks Esteem him, regardless! He’s entirely the lesser imperfect here, Sure He Loves The united states and our other folks, But He has the working out that the $$$$$ is correct no longer there and By no methodology will likely be…. The Debt will by no methodology be repaid Donald Trump knows that. when and If he’s # 47 the nation will likely be okay for a shrimp whereas then it gets real…..The Peace within the Mid -East will settled for entirely a season then the Bible speaks of peculiar destruction. Donald Trump will bring that peace for a season, The Dems will no longer, Its a Time of War / War time / War Crimes / to further Toughen their Greed. War is Hell, War moreover Contrivance $$$$$$ ( Money ) For all enthusiastic. within the starting place of #47 Trump will enact extra special things…. then things will start to go into Martial Law, he has already made the statement that if need be when riots catch away he’ll place in force National Guards to round these crazy other folks up. There will likely be a LOT of correct things and sadly a LOT of BAD things going to occur within a in actuality rapid period of time. Of us don,t catch that… They deem it’s going to be greater, and it’s going to for a season…. But seasons entirely final a brief moment after which long past.

  2. LOL… John !!! Gotta Esteem BO Duke ….. He’s Superior I met him just a few years within the past and his leisurely wife Alicia, Leisure Easy Alicia. NO !! He did no longer possess Intentions of Harming that FOOL 46 I No John, He says a great deal of stuff, He changed into as soon as correct the utilization of his 1st amendment correct… Freedom of speech … Goes a Prolonged arrangement.

  3. Waste you understand who Johnny Depp changed into as soon as talking about when he said that ? How lengthy has it been since an actor assanated a president ? Waste you no who changed into as soon as talking about ?? Jack ??

  4. Even supposing I’m a Patriotic Conservative Believer and fan of Dusky Scout Survival, Jack would’ve been greater served making this about Christ, on Christmas, as an different of a racial topic. Melania Yazzie is clearly talking about the US govt and by no methodology mentions flee; Jack interjected the flee implication and took her statement out of context. She is in actuality correct about our Executive having consistently been an oppressive regime in commonplace and she is comparing the Zionist Israeli Governments action to that of ours. That is probably going to be a truth. I fabricate no longer agree alongside with her conclusion that American Indians will or even may perchance perchance even fair soundless catch that land support after 200 years nevertheless the govt.prone genocidal and subversive tactics to ethnically cleanse and subjugate American Indians and place those they’ll also fair no longer raze in concentration camps. I’m an American Indian raised on a Fresh Mexico Focus Camp, called the Laguna Indian Reservation and I know first hand what Racial discrimination is. Our govt whisper these up to segregate us from the predominately white population. No longer to impugn all white other folks for this tainted habits nevertheless the Executive changed into as soon as comprised nearly entirely of alternative folks of European descent so it’s remarkable to repeat apart between the two. I may perchance perchance add that the Israeli govt is now comprised mostly of white or non ethnic Jews and therefore falls below the identical scrutiny for their genocide in opposition to the indigenous Palestinians -moreover within the name of Manifest Future. These “Chosen ones” shatter up a tall portion of our govt as smartly and play a predominant operate in how we operate as a nation; making the US taxpayers nearly subservient to Israel and their Zionist agenda. Every governments are authoritarian in operate and operate below Kabbalist, Masonic and even Luciferian practices… Waste as thou wilt.

  5. Decolonize the United States? Okay. Does that mean your giving ALL of the land support to the Native People? Once you occur to in actuality mean to “give the land support” to the original other folks, then you ought to mean to give it support to the original other folks of this land, the Native American Indians… correct? In a technique, I fabricate no longer deem that’s what they mean. 😉

  6. humorous how Kathy Griffin submit pic of slicing off Trumps head and its no longer a threat. nevertheless here’s. here’s a double commonplace the FBI IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE OBAMAS AND BIDEN

  7. Strange R. E. Lee of the Confederacy changed into as soon as a Jesuit and regarded as one of many foremost things he did in battle changed into as soon as to ship a tall Confederate force out over originate ground for two miles, and one third of the Confederate army died on that one day? Why did he enact it? Most of them had been protestants. Assymetric spiritual battle. Lee changed into as soon as dust.

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