11 thoughts on “🔴This Is OUR MILITARY!!”

  1. We are in trtrouble because our armed forces leaders and Veterans sworn to protect our structure are doing nothing however talking. When it be time to lock and load and rock n roll its actual unhappy civilians need your management and training. No longer extra fucking talking. I’m actual ill of hearing extra bullshit talk We need fucking motion. Our authorities is COMPROMISED.

  2. There are moderately a few complications all over the armed forces as a complete…absolute self belief about it. Then all all over again, now we take into accout got a few of basically the most fascinating ladies and males serving this powerful nation, however now we take into accout got some shitbags just like the clips in this video as successfully. I served for 28 years Enlisted Man(Operation Wasteland Defend/Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom x 2 excursions) as a 12B Fight Engineer (stressful job) and there had been correct times and execrable times. I on no fable remorse any of my carrier. I am very gratified with my carrier. It has allowed me at 55 years dilapidated to be fully retired and residing a blessed existence. My son is serving and joined as an enlisted Infantryman. He tried and accomplished many things in a 10 year period. From ground pounder, team leader, squad leader to drill sergeant. Then he applied for Warrant Officer and currently is a helicopter pilot. He’ll retire in one more 10 years and could per chance simply quiet proceed residing a blessed existence fully retired at a younger age. The armed forces (all branches) provide a powerful opportunity for younger adults with out a skills to assign skills and take into accout unending alternatives if you trace them out. Nothing in existence is handed to you and nothing in the armed forces is handed to you. If you wish take into accout extra pay, work and gain promoted. If you dont just like the job your doing, proceed to be the handiest at it and apply for a obvious opportunity. The armed forces has a number of alternatives however you concentrate on to need it and grab it. It wont be given. Is there a recruitment enlighten, yes and I truly take into accout a wide choice of theories as to why however that is a one more long record of explaining. Real dont decide the armed forces by these shitheads in these movies.

  3. Militia has long gone to shit…his biggest misfortune could per chance even simply quiet be ..pleasant fire..if you cant pyromid stack your underclothes you need to perhaps per chance be relied on to power a tank or quilt your company in the warmth of fight.

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