1. Brother, I hear what you’re saying about flee within the navy and about us no longer seeing skin coloration when we’re with our brothers in fingers. With that being mentioned, on event when other folks leave the navy, they lose glimpse of that bond and these requirements that we upheld. I’m no longer saying that he mentioned these words, I’m no longer saying he did no longer, nonetheless we should always always bear in suggestions that we don’t know what took place right here and that’s a extremely severe accusation and I judge we ought to as a minimum take into consideration the chance that it’s precise. The reason being is that If this guy’s habits was unhappy ample that he assign his fingers on another man for attempting to lend a hand him why would or no longer it’s miles so no longer easy to mediate that he former these racial slurs? I’m hoping it’s no longer precise because this guy is an American hero. He killed Osama bin Laden for Gods sakes. On the least, he behaved poorly, and fell wanting representing the SEALs, the navy in overall, and our American values.

  2. I used to be within the Marines aid within the 70s & even then I map no longer possess in suggestions flee ever being a ingredient. We were all for 1 overall map. Now between platoons, between companies there was some minute skirmishes nonetheless no longer a flee ingredient. Now that was amongst us non commissioned officers & under. It would possibly most likely well possess silent been a shy away for the bigger usabut I map no longer it.Oooh Raah!!!

  3. Where’s the integrity right here. That which you would possibly well possibly presumably also very properly be taking the facet of an intoxicated man who was attempting to break interior of his room with a credit ranking card, and claiming that he would under no circumstances shape or invent he would invent derogatory feedback about another flee. I’m in a position to heed desirous to protect a brother who would possibly possibly possibly possibly also wish lend a hand, nonetheless no longer to screen up his actions with unsuitable statements of “No racism within the navy, we map no longer care about that”

  4. We should always reside to an even bigger favorite than the different Residents even after We fulfill our carrier to our Nation. That’s why it’s very crucial to retain “anonymity”, specifically within the event that they are one among a Spec. Ops Brothers. If that incident goes to a trial the resolve and Civilians are going to possess a enviornment day with him, doubtlessly foundation with denying bond because he served. I judge he is aware of greater than to receive inebriated and to assault any individual. I’m hoping it’s simply a misunderstanding because if it’s no longer, he’s in deep sh*t.

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