24 Hour Wild Camp out of a Maxpedition Xantha.

24 Hour Wild Camp out of a Maxpedition Xantha.

10 thoughts on “24 Hour Wild Camp out of a Maxpedition Xantha.”

  1. Holy Crap! It took a cramped while earlier than I noticed it was summer time! Joe is tenting in the warmth climate! Amazing! Is this the one where Joe will get eaten by a grizzly?

  2. The mosquitoes had me scratching all the diagram in which throughout the entire video! I don’t know the diagram you attain it Joe. That’s why I clutch to realize my bushcrafting here in Colorado! Very, only a few bugs numerous than ticks! I admire tenting every evening with you as I will bed!

  3. Joe me n my kids dangle been staring at your, correction I imply binge staring at, your movies for the past week and I need you to know that you just may dangle inspired us to plod out on a 3days tenting day out for Thanksgiving to originate a conventional safe haven together. Thank you for the entire exhausting work you effect into these movies. I esteem how noteworthy you display conceal all the pieces. God bless!

  4. Had a Disney + advert first and major of this video. Plot to plod Joe I'm pumped your residing your dream. It's correct proof that you just may create any honest you work exhausting against.

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