24 HOURS In a Handmade IGLOO – Freezing COLD

24 HOURS In a Handmade IGLOO – Freezing COLD

9 thoughts on “24 HOURS In a Handmade IGLOO – Freezing COLD”

  1. Collab with open air boys … bro could support his adolescents warm in sub zero… it’d be love napping in a resort with each and each of your talents collectively! Just like the channel… he moreover is aware of support the hotfoot experts working in sub zero 😂

  2. dont sleep on ground (snow) rob your bed with wood or leaf’s. or better support ground witout snoow . sooner than constructing flip a fireplace let ir maintain shut away the snow and the invent around on dry

  3. Howdy Top Dawg, I don’t in general love Coldlike Vid’s, however which you’ll also very effectively be a Lawful Survivorist, in all eventualities! Dang-Frigid-Man! 🥶🤧😎, GBU.,SM.,NZ., Retain Safe Always! Muey Frio! 🌨 ❄!

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