24 hours – NO FOOD – ALONE ON A CLIFF.. ” initiating a fireplace”

9 thoughts on “24 hours – NO FOOD – ALONE ON A CLIFF.. ” initiating a fireplace””

  1. I wish man you didn’t withhold the can there to safe the fire poke haywire when you were starting it with the worm spray that can backfire you are going to be ready to safe that can explode to your hand as you strive to originate your fire you don't favor to withhold it there with the flame ok I know you were excited it labored wisely please be cautious subsequent time

  2. As a rule I'm watching your videos it's to poke to sleep, no longer on legend of they're unimaginative but on legend of it's so relaxing watching you stop you all to your relish appropriate chilling in nature playing your time. I on the entire score distracted and stop up watching 2 or 3 of your videos before in actuality falling asleep on legend of I wanna gaze what you're doing😂 Mountainous shriek material mate, retain it up! Immense treasure from Sweden❤️

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