a hundred and first Airborne on Ukraine Border

a hundred and first Airborne on Ukraine Border

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  1. You have with out a doubt no longer misplaced a fight…..ever? That excellent capacity you haven’t any longer fought grand the least bit and if you doubtlessly did, you got very lucky, lol. Carry out no longer act akin to you would also be some roughly unpleasant ass, hahahaha.

  2. Here is why I agree without a longer vote or care anymore. The authorities would not give a rat’s ass in regards to the American folk. While you would no longer stare that you would also be deaf, slow, and blind!!!!!

  3. I savor your channel and respect what you would also be announcing right here, however no longer all politicians are unpleasant, some are factual and valid. And there are some accurate warrants for defending Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and so on.

  4. My Wife and I are each and each disabled and we’re residing from month to month. Our grocery bill went from $400 a month to $700 a month and or no longer it is getting worse. I’m in a position to no longer reflect why our politicians don’t appear to be being held accountable for this? Ship $50 Billion to Ukraine to guard their investments whereas our economic system is in turmoil???? WTF????? Our news media needs to file this!!!!! Thanks for the heads up that’s the reason I watch you Brother since you’re taking care of it precise and informative. My Wife and I Thank You

  5. SE TN right here. This command used to be already the command’s largest “food desolate tract”. Piggly Wiggly closed up years ago & simplest a really dinky IGA exists on the GA/TN line, assorted than that, there may be Family Dollar & Dollar Retailer(s) or you drive all the diagram via the Cherokee Nationwide Forest or all the diagram down to Blue Ridge, GA. Either capacity, for me, or no longer it is miles a time & diesel investment. We have now been attempting to accumulate a condominium constructed right here for over a yr & I have been residing in an 8×12 utility shed since 1/3/22. I simplest have a dorm dimension refrigerator so no longer attempting to accept grand stuff at one time. My husband is working in Charlotte & staying in an prolonged care for motel. He is on the retailer as soon as a week & I’m there twice a week. I’m spending about $300/wk on necessities simplest for myself, my 2 canines & 2 cats. Before all of this, we lived in GA & I wasn’t spending $300/wk on the total grocery bill for all plus usual weekends with grandkids. So our grocery bill has exploded to twice or no longer it is price & much less of the total lot. We have most all of our stuff in 5 storage objects whereas we take care of offer chain issues (one week no rebar at home depot & the next no growth joint enviornment cloth, and so on. Never in my 56yrs nor my husband’s 63yrs have either of us considered one thing else savor this recession & we went via the fuel shortages, and so on sooner than. I always have a garden & even now have broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower & Romaine lettuce growing in spite of having already considered 26° temps on this mountain & additionally have had sleet. It be tough attempting to develop your self if you would also be as broke up & worn as we’re however we’re getting there, or no longer it is excellent costing double for the total lot IF you would also accumulate it if you desire or need it. We each and each have in depth building skills & that is our simplest saving grace, our labor is “free”. It took 8 months excellent to accumulate 3 poles & 200′ underground electrical energy proceed up right here & they simplest rob cash or money declare for that & require pymt in paunchy when the applying is filed & silent 8 months. We’re going to have meat rabbits, chickens & hogs to supplement our hunting, fishing & garden as soon as we accumulate the house constructed & he’s right here paunchy-time rather than 36 hrs/wk. I’m dealing with poachers & thieves almost on a day after day foundation. I’m ALWAYS strapped with multiple weapons no longer simplest bc of the 4 legged predators (bear, cougar, coyote) however extra so bc of the 2 legged ones. I thank God for my canines, they’re no longer educated as factual guard canines however are keeping their very absorb in opposition to any & all comers. Ppl don’t come up my one lane grime avenue however they silent fade up the assorted facet where or no longer it is fade back and forth properties simplest without a longer regularly ever ever anybody being there. There’s 3 paunchy-time residents on 540 acres of mountain land & we’re scattered miles apart so or no longer it is onerous to care for watch over the total lot no topic how many gates we drop along the roads. Cops & recreation wardens may perchance no longer come in right here w/o a warrant bc all 540 acres, including roads are privately held & maintained. So or no longer it is tough lawful now. I’ve multiple autoimmune issues & 9 fused vertebrae from a 2 yarn descend so or no longer it is extra tough on me than most. We’re building a quonset hut & are about to total the Third concrete pour & may perchance have $38k in concrete alone & that is with us supplying the sorts, rebar, gravel, plastic, tar sealant, growth joint enviornment cloth & tying the rebar myself! Gravel has long past up $100/load & goes to switch up as a minimal that grand if no longer extra come January when 2 quarries pack up shop & it has to come from an hour or extra away (diesel expenses!). I place up my trips to cleave aid diesel expenses (constructive, my 3500 4×4 Ram shimmering responsibility dually is diesel & a necessity!). Our saving grace is the truth we now have zero debt bc we now have killed ourselves all our lives to accumulate to right here. I’m in a position to also utilize 2 extra sets of fingers to identify collectively the shell of the house however finding anybody that will work is a excessive chore so in all probability this also can merely excellent be the 2 of us & about 10 days as but another of 4 days with 4 ppl. I pay cash to everyone – septic, electrical, smartly, grading, tree provider, gravel & concrete. I constructed a 35,100# block retainer wall (dump truck of gravel & grime too) myself & we did a good deal of the clearing of bushes ourselves. I spent closing iciness on this shed with a drop twine proceed down the face of the mtn to where the shed is (shed is future hog/chicken condominium). It will get hotter than hell in the summer season & chilly as hell in the iciness in right here however I’m doing it! I’m in a position to no longer wait despite the incontrovertible truth that except I’m in a position to accumulate my paunchy abode rocking bc I agree without a longer savor going to the retailer & spending 4x’s the $ for crap food. Appropriate now, I stay what I’m in a position to. Thankfully we’re preppers & have a bunch of food, guns & ammo, I excellent wish to switch accumulate food out of storage & the remainder is at my daughter’s condominium where or no longer it is as valid as can presumably be in a good condominium in a smartly off command on Lake Lanier. Logistics are a precise anxiety in the rear lawful now. Nothing price having comes cheap or easy however right here is pushing it. But ahhh the views! No gentle or noise air pollution whatsoever except we’re these making the noise. Pristine waters & land no longer muchv touched by standard man with outmoded big bushes & a type of foraging available. Basically more than seemingly the greatest fragment is the dearth of neighbors. The wokeness would not contact us right here, fortunately. Cell signal is spotty at most effective & so no longer regularly ever have access to the internet w/o coming down off the mountain. I strive no longer to switch away it, ever bc or no longer it is miles a anxiety & additionally a threat if considered leaving so I stay my runs to metropolis on assorted days/instances each and each week so no person has a routine to accumulate in right here to hold from me when I’m long past. Ppl think I’m nuts & that works for me bc crazy is unpredictable! Hang in there everyone & be prepared for the worst…it must always accumulate worse unfortunately.

  6. Basically more than seemingly the greatest component we are going to stay is care for out of Ukraine. Putin has seized each and each the nuclear and natural facility stopping the next assault on the enviornment

  7. DC know they dint have the folk on the aid of them for one other proxy battle in accordance to lies all as soon as more. MacGregor, Unlit and Scott Ritter have given considerate total sense on this battle. Ukraine IS NOT NATO. country. Getting 101 and various smartly-known Protection power men in hsrms capacity is tactical switch too nettle American citizens to honest uncover a battle no longer declared by Congress. No accountability!! Taxpayers are drained of livelihood and blood AGAIN. .

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