Adventure Sworn and Battoning

Adventure Sworn and Battoning

10 thoughts on “Adventure Sworn and Battoning”

  1. Joesph
    Right here’s a magnificent video and I continuously like to uncover ‘Scout’ milling about whereas you’re employed. Can I put a quiz to how recurring he is? He looks to be very luminous and a magnificent commence air companion. Knife and technique of the utilization of it are very lawful. Clearly you are honing some very lawful bushcraft talents, now. Ian.

  2. Wow! Former college Joe Robinet video with an Hump Sworn knife that I haven’t considered sooner than! I dispute there restful are some surprises left on YouTube…

  3. Not impressed with the firm. They many cases manufacture not meet their promised transport date and fail to command with those that put up their arduous earned money. Is it if truth be told that complicated to meet transport dates or ship support an electronic mail to let other people know what’s occurring???

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