ALONE.. Yup I Tapped, and Why.

ALONE.. Yup I Tapped, and Why.

10 thoughts on “ALONE.. Yup I Tapped, and Why.”

  1. Nuts I've been watching your channel for 4 years or so, didn't even know the present existed till my buddy became me onto it like the day earlier to this. Then I sight you in the first episode I used to be wtf hahaha. I'm gay you kept your channel going. I bet with one more shot you would possibly well also were on the least all the blueprint by the earlier few guys there.

  2. From Sweden right here, I used to be lawful lazying around with the tv on a sunday morning when On my own s1 used to be running and I immidiatly identified you. Too unsuitable you dropped your fire steel so early in the present.

  3. Accidents happen but it’s restful now not a dent in the truth your restful a pacesetter in bushcraft and survival. Expansive balls to recount it the blueprint it’s bud.

  4. Whereas you lose your fire steel your screwed, if you happen to rep lower and it will get infected your screwed, if you happen to can also't trap or bewitch fish your screwed. Classes to be realized

  5. Sitting right here watching On my own on Pluto TV, lawful bought launched to it on Netflix so figured I'd begin with season one and I sight Frigging Joe!! Been watching your videos for years. Ha! Factual stuff…

  6. The humorous ingredient is there’s no such ingredient as “failure” the technique most of us sight it. The On my own present affords an fable experience to “fail” in that the contestants can develop and learn from in ways they in every other case couldn’t. Joe clearly realized from it and grew from it and I will’t inspire but surprise, prospered thanks to it. If he’d been fourth or fifth out I will’t take into consideration it would possibly well perchance perchance’ve had the impact and classes he wanted like his experience equipped.

  7. Hiya you look for and sound like a favorite person It took internet to most of us shedding crucial issues and getting so livid about it You lawful contain to pass on and ignore it don't hear to the haters those of us are nobodys

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