11 thoughts on “AMERICA is DOOMED!!”

  1. Wow, I’m quite certain that we are headed the formulation of South Africa. If this happens, there shall be an apartheid ideal earlier than we are conquered by CCP.

  2. How efficient are our troops going to be when a senior officer is in a battle without a formulation for hormone therapy (attributable to they're Trans)? How about when an operator crashes as a result of broad tumble in hormones and has very harmful aspect effects, how can that create an efficient combating group? The remainder of the enviornment is laughing at us and those who aren't , we'll those guys are plotting.

  3. This whole administration is going to fail. That's unacceptable and disgusting BLM flags on our embassies. I haven't heard or seen that any place however here. However the media would duvet that up posthaste.. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  4. It’s no longer anti American. Presumably anti racist white other folks 🀣🀣🀣🀣 boohoo a white person no longer getting attention and also you crying πŸ’€

  5. BLM is NOT a dim organization. It's a trick for a hand corpulent of oldsters to create money. PS. Sad lives hang NEVER mattered in The united states. Don't fall for the BLM TRICK.

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