11 thoughts on “AMERICANS Wake UP NOW”

  1. Clearly the results of the midterm’s elections on November Eighth 2022, whether or no longer proper or stolen steadily is the important thing indicator if we’re if truth be told “Paradise-Lost”!

  2. This administration isn't factual brainless and incompetent address diverse think. They are unpleasant. The hurt their inability has prompted will snatch a long time to restore.

  3. “wAkE uP nOw” as he's tranquil napping. Aloof all bark no chunk. All discuss no stroll. First step to waking up is DOING something/Performing to your conscious divulge. In repeat for you a law to confirm your tips of freedom, you are tranquil napping. But whats up chances are high you’ll perchance additionally tranquil get hold of freedom sooner or later must always you're pushing daisies. Aesthetic luck with that direction.

  4. Ismarica will by no formulation ranking up! Within the event that they did there would be a Revolution! But we’re so divided that we don't watch the Precise Terrorists within the White House inflicting USA Death. Your proper enemies are the Executive.

  5. What I will't resolve out is treason is treason, a rose is a rose by any assorted name, so why are traitorous acts accomplished in public, under coloration of law and bonafide authority, address intentionally encouraging the illegal invasion of unknown foreign nationals–mostly of defense pressure age males, as well to allowing armed drug cartel troopers to transfer in and build strongholds in our neighborhoods, ANY LESS illegal or traitorous than if they had been accomplished under hide of darkness (BTW, they ARE BEING DONE within the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT as successfully) and surreptitiously?????? This administration is past impeachable, they're successfully into the territory of giving serve and comfort to our enemies and actively colluding with them against our constitution and our electorate! How within the sphere are we allowing this to happen to us?

  6. We have to search out out who’s if truth be told guilty and after we pause discover they must always scoot to gitmo and we must always manufacture it happen very soon!!!!we know what occurs to folks who scoot to gitmo.

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