Americas Greatest THREAT

Americas Greatest THREAT

11 thoughts on “Americas Greatest THREAT”

  1. Americas top menace are feds on youtube claiming to be correct Americans which would possibly be patriotic and official The US. but are in collusion with the communists which have been place in. thus fooling and filling their viewers with whatever sage they want to promote.

  2. Undercover agent your ex airforce stylish robert spalding on China 🇨🇳 lived there once too. They’re mega harmful no longer honest militia extra from a psychological Misinformation monetary standpoint.Earn this from 2011-2013 china poured 40% extra concrete than you yanks did in your total of the 20th century!!!!

  3. Can must you read Daniel the statue in that book of the Bible reveals the abundant vitality space up. The feet of clay and iron reasonably a lot puts the American authorities in a nutshell. Taking a see solid as iron but in fact being broken-down as clay. And the fireball is heading for the feet on the statue. So the Anglo-American world vitality is the top superpower sooner than God takes over to demonstrate man easy recommendations to speed a top authorities. The tribulation would possibly be the starting of that.

  4. China Is A Threat To The US, But It be No longer The Absolute top Threat To The US.The Absolute top Threats To The US Are:1) The Authorities.2) Wide Pharma.3) The Entertainment Change.4) ALL Anti-Constitution Organizations.5) The Mainstream “News” Change.The Absolute top International Threats To The US Are:1) EVERY Marxist Nation (Be pleased China, North Korea, Russia, And Venezuela).2) Illegal Aliens.

  5. One thing I judge you missed is fentanyl. They’re flooding Mexico with fentanyl, shimmering that it’s going into United States and tearing families aside, inflicting chaos, millions and millions of dollars in damages.

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