Ancient Abilities: Pit and chimney furnace

Ancient Abilities: Pit and chimney furnace

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  1. I've posted photos of the iron prills that I melted together in a crucible to make a single ingot (it's in my neighborhood tab right here: .This modified into as soon as finished the enlighten of the forge blower blasting air down onto the crucible lined with charcoal in a puny furnace. It is indeed iron steel as it sticks strongly to a magnet and has a vivid steel luster. I comprise it to be forged-iron as it is pretty brittle, though in other experiments I've made malleable iron from the identical iron bacteria which shall be flattened when hammered frosty. Thanks.

  2. most appealing must full this 600 more events before you would possibly presumably presumably score a forged-iron pot and join that douchey neighborhood! yay

  3. If the sound of the chiminy falling at the begining modified into as soon as edited i dont are looking to know. It modified into as soon as an unbelievably fulfilling noise.

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