Are WE Being LIED To? w/ Jenna LEE

Are WE Being LIED To? w/ Jenna LEE

11 thoughts on “Are WE Being LIED To? w/ Jenna LEE”

  1. Joyful to look Jenna in your video. I haven't viewed her for a whereas but I will must trek hunting for more from her. I indulge in your manner of pondering and it is miles tousled that quite rather a lot of veterans are leftist. I look you and a pair of others but Tatum is out being the wishe washie.

  2. Jenna’s select on the information is utter on. We possess now to possess more protection from her. I’m grateful she received more attention out of your followers as I grew to become your follower in return.

  3. what she doesnt appear to admire is that contemporary “journalists” are proper political activists so data on the 2nd is nothing bigger than political propaganda

  4. I’m sorry, but her evaluation of the media accountability, and that we’re 50/50 when be an outlook well before Obama – I received’t affirm President because he is an illegitimate president, but no longer to any extent extra…It’s gracious deniability and/or naïve…it’s very politically factual, and that doesn’t end somebody any justice! I don’t reflect she really understands what’s occurring! Purchase a stand against the largest crime against humanity…it's no longer location quo to any extent extra! There manner too many mettlesome folks which would perchance most seemingly perchance perchance be taking stand…and that’s no longer her. She has too grand danger! She must easy gracious return to corparate broadcast media then! Sorry, but it no doubt is what it is miles! I hope that changes for her.

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