BEST! Watchband Compass???

BEST! Watchband Compass???

11 thoughts on “BEST! Watchband Compass???”

  1. I became once on the verge of searching for a staunch Sunnto button look compass on Amazon for $28.00 Cad, nevertheless then I study the a few opinions of what number of folks loss the compass, whereas leaving the clip housing silent in residence, apparently the epoxy thet keeps the compass mounted to the holder lets hasten across the six month designate. What are your views on this? This is depraved files for me as I could maybe presumably perhaps be the usage of this compass in very wintry weather, I attain a great deal of a ways-off frozen lake, exploratory ice fishing with my snowmobile, miles away from any relieve, and fundamental a high quality reduction up compass….. If simplest quality producers like Sunnto and other survival equipment companies would possibly maybe presumably perhaps stop making their products in China, that would possibly be good, quality management there is a humorous legend, although the firm is ISO licensed.

  2. wc10. like one. properly made mountainous notion nevertheless too thick deserve to be more slim lined. hangs up on all the pieces. tru nord makes the good pocket/kit compass

  3. sturdiness, oh yea… usability…… nope. desires a rotatable dial and a non rotatable arrow/designate like the clipper. severely, if simplest it had that. because it’s with practically no markings/dial/arrow technique rather than the 4 cardinal directions its nearly ineffective. then why will i get it? bc its better than nothing and extraordinarily sturdy.

  4. Raise out you ever carry a lensatic compass like the Cammenga H3. I took an Orienteering path and the teacher urged me it wasn’t magnificent for land navigation which made no sense to me.

  5. True ordered the suunto clip on after looking out at this. I received a job as a land surveyor 6 months in the past and I decide on one thing to make existence a little bit of more straightforward for finding my bearing proper quick or working the gps gadgets. Thanks for an even overview and I will’t wait to strive it out I had no notion what to see until I observed this.

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