Biden NOT Blinking?!

Biden NOT Blinking?!

11 thoughts on “Biden NOT Blinking?!”

  1. “ Dripping in blood, Carnage “ ??? He ought to be impeached trusty for that observation. Years ago this nation would never had allowed a president this incompetent to sTy in its keep of job. We have got if truth be told turn out to be a “actuality worth”. We’re in SERIOUS TROUBLE.

  2. anyone can slay trusty most of us chose no longer to i imply a 5 12 months vulnerable can shoot a gun. what he’s saying is be harmful is be the particular person you fancy to might well possibly well rating to be nonetheless whereas you wish to assign your possess life leap in with each feet and come out with their coronary heart on your mouth, gouge out their peep balls and rep no longer discontinuance except their dumb rep no longer mediate their dumb set apart scamper, whereas you suspect their dumb nick off their head. so your no longer limping away and they toddle up on you now your dumb be harmful come up lined with blood and guts trusty no longer yours. “i’d weather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”

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