Bowdrill fire from delivery to present

Bowdrill fire from delivery to present

10 thoughts on “Bowdrill fire from delivery to present”

  1. Correct after discovering all of these old bids of yours Joe ! … Incredible how the years cruise while you are doing something you indulge in aye ! … Bow drill on point bro 😎

  2. Hi there Joe robinet while you happen to rep this comment the manner you acknowledged any questions you’d love to abet out i attempted bow drilling it would not work what am I doing wrong or is it the incorrect roughly wood to make exercise of I have been the utilization of orange tree wood might perchance well that work or it must be a particular sort of wood to work please negate me

  3. Crazy to indulge in that you simply handiest indulge in 16 now 17 feedback on a video of yours. Now days it be just a few just a few if not hundreds. You’re going to indulge in approach very a ways Joe.

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