Bowdrill in a Blizzard?

Bowdrill in a Blizzard?

10 thoughts on “Bowdrill in a Blizzard?”

  1. Let that coal burn a diminutive longer brotha, then let it sit and warmth up on your bundle so it smoulders some, blow gently. I’m now no longer available freezing my ass off despite the proven fact that. Awesome video.

  2. Or now no longer it is for the reason that camera turned into working. Had you appropriate kind been messing spherical by your self if would include started glowing up.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Props on how you wrapped it up at the endand I enjoy that you simply plugged Lilly for uplifting this video

  4. I invent now no longer know why I love folk who in fact stir out and invent this. Seemingly which potential that of I surely don’t desire to myself.Those are in fact wicked prerequisites. I turned into never ready to even catch a valid pile on a dry windy day, now to no longer mention a rare coal. That is when I consume a Ferro rod and restful fight.

  5. But all over again Joe props to you for posting your failures, lesser man would appropriate kind archive the footage and switch on. I stumbled across a couple of of you safe haven movies from a couple of years within the past but might perchance well no longer bump into them in present, so I sorted them by date and started looking at from the origin. You are a pleasing teacher, and I enjoy looking at you candid, appropriate down to earth movies.

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