BRAND NEW!!! Dwell on! Knives GSO-5.1 (2015)

BRAND NEW!!! Dwell on! Knives GSO-5.1 (2015)

11 thoughts on “BRAND NEW!!! Dwell on! Knives GSO-5.1 (2015)”

  1. I gave up on these hucksters about two years ago after ready three… sold a First Edge 5050 in elmax for $210 off amazon and it confirmed up in two days.

  2. Don’t give your money to outlive knives ! I sold a Gso6 in June 2017 , paid $250 for it, it’s now March 2021 and I nonetheless havn’t got my knife and after refusing a refund I had to file a criticism with the Better industry bureau , which Btw dwell on knives has a D+ rating with!

  3. I fabricate no longer know why folks made a gigantic deal in regards to the use of the relieve stay of a knife to strike a ferro rod because I’ve consistently real extinct the blade itself have confidence me if ur chilly or hungry you might perhaps maybe use the blade plus most ferro rods include a inserting tool so real use the blade because ur no longer going to rupture the blade sorry ur no longer i’ve extinct Tops knives and particularly dwell on gso knife and I’ve never ruined a knife edge NEVER !!!!

  4. Steel have to be more challenging than wooden, however, thicker wooden is more challenging than the skinny tip on your blade. Moreover 20CV is a elephantine laborious Large Stainless-steel, that has low toughness. IT aint neither CPM3V, nor 80crv2 or ballbearing steel, to accumulate any more or less excessive toughness. You’re lucky the tip didn’t rupture with that aspect to aspect prying on the log!

  5. Beget wanted one amongst their blades for years, and ended up ordering a 5.1 in Magnacut the day outdated to this. Glimpse forward to getting it out and abusing it.The 8.0 furthermore pursuits me, however i stay more or less favor it used to be 7in… One day im real taking the Skrama. The 5.1 looked love a bigger representation of the firm.Thanks for the witness

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