BUILDING A PERMANENT WINTER CAMP – Finding a Camp Location, Shoveling out the Floor, Woodstove Cooking.

10 thoughts on “BUILDING A PERMANENT WINTER CAMP – Finding a Camp Location, Shoveling out the Floor, Woodstove Cooking.”

  1. Why the hell droop camping whereas you're with out kill going to complain about the snow, the chilly and the device mighty it is advisable dig out? Don't droop camping in the iciness if it's this sort of issue! Same with Tripper. Why the f carry him alongside if all you're gonna create is bawl and moan with him. He's a younger and packed with life residing animal. Whereas you happen to need something that will simply delight in in one attach and, no longer circulate or negate they be pleased being with you and create stuff with then you in point of fact desire a bloody rock alongside. You would possibly per chance perchance presumably attach it in the attach you wish and no longer have to stress about it! So in abominable health of you constantly complaining. It's raining! It's so windy! Having to combat towards the wind whereas rowing! Moaning about the unfriendly climate coming! Yep the unfriendly climate as predicted by the weatherman should always you did your planning! Why droop out in any situation you don't be pleased? I thought you cherished what you create!

  2. Mostly simply you.The man with the 2 itsy-bitsy boys I watched him nonetheless he talks ability too mighty an I’d below no circumstances let my 2 twelve months outmoded droop camping in -40`.Too many things can droop grisly,nonetheless no longer my enterprise.Is your dog a brindle Malinois? He's shiny be pleasurable an retain posting your videos.

  3. I don't know why, nonetheless I expected Tripper would in the kill realize shoveling snow used to be no longer relaxing in his face! Lol! Alternatively, I got right here to cherish younger canine create no longer utilize LOGIC! Joe, you is probably going to be so correct with that dog!

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