9 thoughts on “Building a SURVIVAL SHELTER in the RAIN – BURIED ALIVE.”

  1. It in actuality works very well, once I was once un the scouts we outdated to develop it after we camped on the coastline. On very frigid nights we set apart apart hot stones over the sand we had been lined with

  2. Hiya brother. Never blow hot hair into your fingers to heat them up. The moisture will turn frigid and it's counter productive. Tuck your fingers both into your armpits or within the crevices of your legs subsequent to your twig & berries LOL. It's the warmest half of your physique externally. Hope the data helps, I learned it from my dad once I was once 11 (he was once a EMT for 20yrs).

  3. NEVER bury your self under snow, sand, filth. The weight will compact your lungs and likewise you won't be ready to breath no longer to mention dig your self out. Idk bout in Aus but in America they use to position a pipe down to somebody's coffin that hand a string tied to somebody's hand. If they weren't slow they’d perhaps pull the string that was once tied to a bell. If the bell went off then it was once barely enough air to dig somebody out by hand sooner than the suffocated. 95% of your videos I agree with, they're beautiful quality & monumental hiss that are beautiful survival systems. This video nonetheless could perhaps well ranking somebody killed within the occasion that they give the influence of being you doing this and affirm they’ll develop it to. In the iciness months it could perhaps perhaps perhaps ranking down to -40°C/-40°F right here. I always guarantee that I bear spare layers in my pack. Additionally carrying a Mylar Blanket is a must specially must you ranking caught exterior in subzero prerequisites.

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