Bushcraft Knife Abilities, Unknown Visitor at Camp, 250k Sub Giveaway

Bushcraft Knife Abilities, Unknown Visitor at Camp, 250k Sub Giveaway

10 thoughts on “Bushcraft Knife Abilities, Unknown Visitor at Camp, 250k Sub Giveaway”

  1. Awesome, most bushcrafters withhold beating their knives by the wood as an more than just a few of snapping the limbs thanks to your sensibility

  2. I like you be conscious I trot over tripper and scout been staring at you for a whereas I like what you are making and you fart in every single field you trot withhold up the factual work withhold doing what you are making and please send me a promo code to the set up I’m in a position to philosophize your shirt

  3. how's it going Joe. first of all I entirely like your channel. I'm from the PNW and I've been camping all my existence. I'm an avid camper and it's my accepted element to make. I real have some questions. the general axes and knives you expend are extremely good. I on the general stop up googling them and having a seek into them. but I've observed that they’re all very costly. to illustrate the knife on this video is round $200. I'm real extraordinary why they are so costly and is it worth it. by the years a super element that I unquestionably have learned is that it's positively worth paying more for quality. real questioning, thanks

  4. Why you acting like a Karen the person became as soon as available practising is abilities the identical as you. The way you are making things could per chance per chance furthermore very effectively be slow they formula you believe you studied his is Mr trot camp on varied peoples property and think it’s yoirs

  5. He needs to abet you!! I became as soon as pondering a wedge. Are you to your like land there or one which that you just can furthermore have got permission to expend that somebody has the gall to expend your camp and trade it and tape trees??

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