Camping out of a Backpack.

10 thoughts on “Camping out of a Backpack.”

  1. I’m in for the flash light Hi joe. I envoy your video thanks for being so kind I basically have realized plenty from you I fell down my basement stairs and broke my back in two locations it has been two and a half of years now however 71 years frail and chuffed to be alive comical however became thinking of a backup flashlight no that shall be chilly very gen erosion of you. 🇨🇦Edsnature @Bushcraft. Com bask in your dog and thanks for sharing your info and defend acquire I basically had been shopping for gear. axe knife pack however bask in the pack you have gotten would bask in to expose your pack if I wintry gain the Info. Thanks again for being so kind. Ed

  2. I’m a huge fan of how you lay out your choices about sustainable, accountable firewood utilize! Where I’m at I are inclined to search out absurd amounts of useless standing Elm, hadn’t in actuality came about to me to be this sustainable about it however it no doubt’s detached spruce.

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