Camping with a Bunch of Women

Camping with a Bunch of Women

10 thoughts on “Camping with a Bunch of Women”

  1. Taking a short damage from my 12 DAY SOLO time out.The collection will return unhurried next week, both Thurs or Fri.After spending a couple of long journeys away, I took some time to employ with the household, right here is surely one of many journeys we now cling performed this summer.I know the household stuff is now not always everyones cup of tea, no worries both system, we are able to be again to the norm next week!

  2. Many blessings to you and your lovely household Joe. I cherished the household video. Hope you also can cling more of them. And I fancy your development in your Citadel videos. All you enact inspires me Joe. I’m virtually 65 and now I cling to switch camping once more and I fancy to 🐠 fish. Emme seems like she is going to be a fisherman correct like her Dad. Which you might also cling taught her smartly. And I fancy Class. God bless you and your lovely household.

  3. Repeatedly revel in the household videos. Your interactions with the kiddos and the wifey strikes a chord in my memory there peaceful factual dads accessible. Withhold um out in nature, no telephones, capsules correct having fun with the individuals round you. Staunch stuff Joe

  4. I cherished your household video❤. What a stress-free ecstatic neighborhood. Even beauty used to be a factual camper. You will also be blessed they every now and then’re too to cling a loving, caring dad and husband.

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