Camping with a Canine

Camping with a Canine

10 thoughts on “Camping with a Canine”

  1. There used to be no video closing Friday because I was out getting arrangement more footage on a Solo camping day out.Here is Tripper’s first true canoe Outing-it used to be a hit, we had a blast!Unique Sequence Coming Soon!!!You Guys Rock!

  2. Greetings from Norway🇳🇴 Joe, the get are your life jacket…? 🙄 Take into accout, a quantity of kids see your videos — and you desires to be a teacher when it comes to security. Like your videos. 🐝

  3. Properly satisfied you had a blast but I could per chance not dawdle that canine Joe give u thumbs up on that one. but wouldnt be. My conception to babysit a canine that shouldn’t be going to hear he gets on to a undergo he’ll be Needless or he’ll stop up striking u in a neighborhood but correct success man with that one but I attempted watching u with him. & nope he a canine that’s to injure 4 sound & u mumble u had a blast but u must worship to be aggravated.& sorry bro but I enact see but feed my wait on ment to be mean appropriate me per chance bro sorry it’s what it’s

  4. I hold a Mali and the prey power is horrendous when that kicks in searching to get the recall is kind of not doubtless till somethings breaks their focus! I learnt this the hard attain in Scotland.

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