Camping With a Subscriber for 2 Nights

Camping With a Subscriber for 2 Nights

10 thoughts on “Camping With a Subscriber for 2 Nights”

  1. Ehhh there’s a incompatibility between a toboggan and a beanie a toboggan has 2 fold where a beanie doesn’t fold over and yes a toboggan is a sled and furthermore a hat it’s miles a thing lol I’m southern my accomplice’s a Yankee haha but she says the identical a toboggan is a sled not a hat haha I’m joyful y’all had that dialog lol

  2. Somebody know what came about to Ethan (he had a YT channel known as Avid Outdoorsy Man and is the subscriber with Joe within the above video)? His YouTube channel disappeared and he no longer has Facebook or Instagram accounts (no not up to not as Avid Outdoorsy Man, as they mature to be). Possibly he has a brand fresh/assorted YouTube channel that I’m ignorant of. Very very like Joe’s videos, I enjoyed his onscreen antics and the desolate tract canoe trips he took. I hope he is k.

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