(CATCH AND COOK) Fish Became Too BIG To Enjoy Alone

(CATCH AND COOK) Fish Became Too BIG To Enjoy Alone

9 thoughts on “(CATCH AND COOK) Fish Became Too BIG To Enjoy Alone”

  1. I’m so jealous of where you live. I’d LOVE to be by the Ocean. Alas my health prevents me from doing famous. So I see your videos as one more and fake that I’m there with you.

  2. What makes me sad is that i live within the UK – an island, and it is actually nearly now not doable to win any first price fish or shellfish, because it is all exported to france, as no-one within the UK needs to exhaust it. In case you might perchance perchance to find it it is impossibly costly 🙁

  3. Hey T Dawg; I revel in these fishin vids. Why did now not you attend that Sambo? Are they now not proper to exhaust? If it became too sizable, that you simply can moreover at all times give away the comfort with out losing it. (You recognize), 😉Papa Discipline Day is form of ultimate., is Mama Discipline Day/With!? Factual asking.🙂Didn’t request, or hear what he caught! I do know you work exhausting to give us soo famous pleasure, &entertainment, no matter the the circumstances! Grand Most long-established by us all, your subbers)! For all time Lookin ahead to the next one!. TC,GBU.,SM.,NZ.,✌♥️🙂🙏🐟🌊

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