CATCH and COOK Recent Caught Trout!

CATCH and COOK Recent Caught Trout!

10 thoughts on “CATCH and COOK Recent Caught Trout!”

  1. *Eats trout collectively* “Did we staunch transform finest pals!? YUP”Lol fully forgot you hadn’t posted this one but. Fun look…June but it looks so chilly. Thanks for tagging the channel buddy.

  2. Sunday, 08 2022, 1300 Hrs/CdtDear Mr. Robinet,Women and Women folks wear “PANTS’ but Males wear, “TROUSERS!’ Also, buildings maintain “DOORS” and “WINDOWS!” Also, buildings maintain “DOORS” and “WINDOWS,” but tent openings are “FLAPS!!”Regards, “Ski”PS. Donate, cash, clothes, and some of your “FREE” camping equipment to the Other folks of Ukraine. Prolonged Stay UKRAINE, but rotten “MISFORTUNE” TO “PUTIN” and his russia “SUPPORTERS.

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