Catching GIANT Crab by hand #shorts

Catching GIANT Crab by hand #shorts

9 thoughts on “Catching GIANT Crab by hand #shorts”

  1. Ideal time to use a Mud Crab is when they’re that Blue/Green color, they score a bit of stringy when they score to that rusty color stage factual before moulting, serene safe to eat but no longer as nice I reckon… discover you noticed that ?. Anyway nice Mountainous Buck 🦀👌👍 you never know what it is probably you’ll possibly possibly also be going to stubble all the map in which by while you happen to head for a stride in mangroves, makes me are looking out out for to position the pots in but capacity to chilly on the moment down here for that but no longer too a long way-off, can sort a pleasant Singapore chilli crab growing 🍜.

  2. Good ample so you gonna withhold it or let it recede Upright asking🤔 Personally if or no longer it is a long way a keeper fallow by score a couple more and form it a cook dinner out

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