China Is Planning for Battle…Is US Invasion Doable?

China Is Planning for Battle…Is US Invasion Doable?

11 thoughts on “China Is Planning for Battle…Is US Invasion Doable?”

  1. Hell! They’re already here!…They bought Comrad Biden in place of work, and he already opened the borders and doing his simplest to disarm all of us. The handiest attain would per chance per chance also attain it’s miles from within…smash The US’s ability to fight!

  2. Its seemingly they’ll invade. They’ve hollowed out our defense power with vaxes and folks hating their grasp country.. We our broke with our forex failing, and grasp been shut to civil warfare. They’ll stroll in!

  3. My name is Ryan I became once born with a assorted gift that I realized easy tips about how to grasp at a really early age. I’d worship to indicate you what I seen happen between us and China in one among my visions. One in every of the things that I seen in that vision has technically already came about. What I seen happen between us and China I seen help in 1997. I attain agree with that we would be attacked on our soil by China. There’ll seemingly be paratroopers leaping out of planes and shooting folks on our grasp territory. It must be a nightmare to quite about a folks. I really grasp been mentally getting ready myself for this for a in point of fact prolonged time.

  4. Make no mistake, we will be invaded after we least quiz it. Biblically talking the united States is in for a shock. Pray that you are going to catch away the things that is coming upon the earth. May per chance per chance well God grasp mercy on us all. For my piece.

  5. If China, or somebody else tries to invade the US, it wouldn’t elevate prolonged for them to own, that they made a fundamental mistake. We, the oldsters, would elevate them out one at a time. It will seemingly be a bloodbath. Crimson Sunrise on steroids. They better deem twice sooner than they find that roughly a mistake. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. I am suspicious of what goes on in Canada and the U.S.; referring to the gun bans (handgun ban in Canada), the Chinese language influencing elections, Biden per chance being compromised, these Chinese language police stations, draining our weapons and oil affords, out of regulate ridiculous spending (loss of world monetary hegemony, political polarization among electorate (divided we tumble), the borders being initiate, drug disaster and tent cities and no serious warfare on treatment (Chinese language fentanyl), and what appears to be like to be self destruction by the governments (wokeness, and tons others.). Sorry for the hotfoot on sentence…i’m apt announcing things don’t appear apt. I really can’t agree with Brandon getting re-elected, he can barely stroll or talk. If our enemies are planning to assault they would per chance per chance also make a choice to attain it sooner than the next election seeing how light the countries glance now. I agree with that our enemies would per chance per chance also receive in the occasion that they both light dozens of EMPs or took out adequate well-known transformer natty stations (cyber assaults) and then invaded in about a months after we grasp killed every assorted off. glta!

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