Combatives- Benchmade SOCP Review

Combatives- Benchmade SOCP Review

11 thoughts on “Combatives- Benchmade SOCP Review”

  1. My brother fellow Marine how are you? Handle this video straight up factual stable knife combating tactics. No enjoy bs knife combating tactics that can spellbinding get you killed. Were you Battalion Recon or Force Recon? I used to be 0326 for 22 of my 24 years of honorable service. Anyway Semper Fi brother God bless and sustain hanging out stable movies.

  2. One of the higher ways to carry. That is a vogue I stumbled on on accident must you tuck it in(wrist aspect) your long sleeve/jacket You’re going to be ready to wander your pinky in it, extend your fingers and it slides steady out attributable to the fact that while you stretch your fingers out the sleeves shorten about 2 inches 3 inches and it falls steady in your hand without problems. Try it 🇺🇸🤯

  3. the clip on that sheath for me is now not practical. I stumbled on clips that in point of truth grip the clothing and is awfully ideal hard to take off. the ends are enjoy claws and are unprecedented better.

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