11 thoughts on “COMMANDO Raider”

  1. My brother fellow Marine how are you? Hi there I am a Gear Geek and yes Watches falls below that. You 100% factual though a high quality detect is an predominant peice of substances that said. I manufacture like the detect but I have been a die tough Northern Edge Apache Learn about guy for a few years. It’s versatile and or not it is functions are absolutely colossal for navy use. Was an 0326 and frail the Northern Edge Apache on both deployments to Iraq and all 3 in Afghanistan it never failed me. Similar to you though i get a bunch of watches in my sequence and this could if truth be told be one other correct one to be able to add. Again one other colossal video Semper Fi brother and God bless.

  2. Luminox has rotten customer help. Within the occasion you want a quartz diving detect, accumulate a Sinn UX . It’s nearly bulletproof. In actual fact fabricated from the GSG9 divers

  3. Factual sold this form of. I admire the dial. It feels grand and complex. Very nice. The tritium shines radiant in low – no light. The strap and detect are gargantuan contented and light-weight-weight. It disappears on the wrist. There’s 2 cons about this detect: the strap wants to build up minimize to fit so be careful since the straps are $80. Also the price of the detect is capacity to excessive for the amount of tritium you are getting on the detect. Simplest the 12,3,6,9 & pip get tritium. The leisure is gargantuan Luminova lume paint. Would’ve been a dwelling trot if your total markers had tritium

  4. I’ve performed 10 years working DOD and DHS wore a Luminox, Hamilton, or Rolex. They’re going to all back you neatly! All colossal detect price with colossal history 👍🏻 🇺🇸

  5. Dreary comment…colossal vid! Luminox is unbelievable. My favourite is the EVO Navy Seal, or not it is taken reasonably a beating and not using a detrimental results. This Raider appears to be like to be unquestionably interesting with extra aspects. Time for one other upgrade.

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