Covert Camping: Secure away & Evasion

Covert Camping: Secure away & Evasion

11 thoughts on “Covert Camping: Secure away & Evasion”

  1. That is mainly now not a refuge. That is a tarp concealing you. If it rains, you are wet. It be wintry, you are hypothermic. It be sizzling, hyperthermic. Pests, your lunch. Laying straight on the bottom is a totally unpleasant belief.

  2. YES, PAY ATTENTION ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW CHRIST AND YOU LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS. SERIOUSLY…Within the event that you just must to now not uncover about Jesus is about to come abet then you definately will want to clutch these abilities whereas you are left right here crying out for the rocks to tumble on you. Your Pastor

  3. Bag you a bivy sack. That means you dont want to lie straight on the bottom to your garments, you dont want to tie it to anything, and they arrive in in camo patrerns

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