Dear GoPro vs Cheap Action Camera

Dear GoPro vs Cheap Action Camera

10 thoughts on “Dear GoPro vs Cheap Action Camera”

  1. i deem what i will attain is uncover a action digicam with a fee-effective microphone from ebay or amazon to command in and im going to quiet the volume of my digicam and sage my converse thru the microphone as a replacement and then exhaust some video editing tool so that you just can add my audio to the video i recorded from.

  2. What breed is that dog, for some cause it appears fancy a german sheperd but the coat of the dog is basically thick to be a german. somebody say me please.

  3. I factor i possess seen researching cheap action cam vs gopro is that the more cost effective ones isnt waterproof, you beed a additional case for it to be waterproof. Which i m utilizing my digicam for snorkelling/water features.

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