Democrats Dont Want YOU to Know THIS!!

Democrats Dont Want YOU to Know THIS!!

11 thoughts on “Democrats Dont Want YOU to Know THIS!!”

  1. So…upsetting idea…are every other americans carriers with out a symptoms? Or has the virus mutated to dwell longer initiate air the physique? TB can dwell dried up on a sidewalk for 30 days.

  2. the fact is accessible but the SHEEPLE are to mind (lifeless) oops I mean washed to perceive the fact. and americans of us that set catch out regarding the fact and know what is coming down the line are ready and know to former college contact every other love 1960s

  3. You gorgeous set now not win it, even as you gallop ahead and win it. Use a mind cell and do not win it. This used to be by no technique about a virus. I call this a scamdemic plandemic ☠️

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