Did TRUMP Gain Set UP?

Did TRUMP Gain Set UP?

11 thoughts on “Did TRUMP Gain Set UP?”

  1. It became as soon as indubitably a setup! Kanye is operating for president so what higher manner to smear his quantity 1 contender Trump then to carry Slit Fuentes over to his dwelling. He knew stout successfully the media would in finding out and Trump might perchance perchance perchance well be bashed all another time by the liberal media. Kanye did it on motive to bring collectively Trump execrable publicity because Kanye is operating against him in 2024. Final analysis, stay of yarn! Colossal video!

  2. Am I the absolute most life like one who finds a white supremecist with the final title Fuentes an oxymoron? Never met a white Fuentes and I stay in Texas lol. The baby is a dirt gain though. Bonafide scumbag, correct savor Kanye now

  3. I am bipolar and I am alot savor Kanye when i’m manic, the person wants motivate. Its sad if truth be told. I agree Ye method up Trump by taking Fuentes there became as soon as no assorted logical motive. However Kanye is now not logical gleaming now, he is manic.

  4. How does a person with the final title Fuentes change into a white nationalist that final title and white nationalist doesn’t sound savor one thing that goes collectively totally quantity two what the f*** is irascible with Kanye West however you know what I set up now not if truth be told give a f*** because if any one enables this person or these persons to love a single combating likelihood then our country is f**** screwed there might perchance be a trigger of Trump to bring collectively relief in and now that I stare that even any individual savor Kanye West is searching out for to be determined that it doesn’t happen makes me feel savor Kanye West is an operative for the Democratic socialists of The US since the majority of your racial or racist persons are supported by the Democratic socialists of The US I’m now not shopping this s*** Kanye West if I if truth be told like any of your albums I am f**** burning them I set up now not desire your crap in my f**** dwelling that which you might perchance be a fraud that which you might perchance be counterfeit. don’t ever ever like in thoughts yourself a profit because your ideology is ideological as disease as to famine correct mosey change into a monk and drop off that which you might perchance be higher off man

  5. Please give this some understanding. DeSantis, Governor of Florida. The DOJ has long gone after just a few Republican Governor’s. Liberals shedding their minds about Planned Parenthood shutting down in these southern states, and Texas. DeSantis has been extraordinarily conservative. He in actuality went after Disney, the LGBTQRST other folk love. Where’s the outrage against him?? I honestly ponder he’s a plant. Like Kanye playing his diminutive sport with Trump, however obviously at the absolute most life like level. DeSantis is in a position to splitting the vote. Somethings now not gleaming there.

  6. I silent don’t understand why your entire abominate directed at the absolute most life like guy that gave working other folk low-imprint fuel, more inexpensive groceries, lower unemployment, document stock highs, and started building a border wall . He saved his campaign guarantees, why so grand abominate direction at him ? Joe I set up now not work for you Biden is twice as extreme as Trump.

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