Dim Scout Critiques – ESEE Fire Steel

Dim Scout Critiques – ESEE Fire Steel

11 thoughts on “Dim Scout Critiques – ESEE Fire Steel”

  1. So this $30 fire equipment easiest makes fire whereas you happen to’ve got different tools with you. Why diesn’t it come with the flint in the little field? Here is the solution: whereas you happen to could also very effectively be taking that little tin field with you into the woods…dump that $30 worth of crap out and put a bic lighter, about a suits and a few dryer lint in there. Oh, and Stainless-steel knives are for collectors….carbon steel is for woodsmen.

  2. To the Flintstone = SORRY, Noooo THANK YOU VERY MUCH, BUT …I are living No longer in Time of Stones “FLINTSTONES”THE Video is NICE Thank YOU Very MUCH FOR YOUR WORK 👍👍Greetings from Germany

  3. Doesn’t this extra or less intention correct have a dependency on some specialist? The reason for these abilities is to learn to be basically honest, and so this is solely at noxious purposes. Handiest to search out a terrific share of carbon steel or a carbon steel knife. That can teach you to distinguish between different kinds of steels, and whereas you happen to had been to lose your briquet, you’d know the affirm technique to invent create with what you’ve got. Correct now I am deep in China’s Guangxi province on a basically faraway farm, defending away from populated areas due to the this Wuhan virus outbreak. Factual came all over some flint on the highway, and an extinct dustpan take care of has some carbon steel. Performed. No ESEE wished.

  4. Whereas you received to lift something to delivery a hearth, why can’t or no longer or no longer it’s miles a $1.50 Bic lighter? I don’t perceive the kind out $30.00 fire starters.

  5. Did you magnificent yours sooner than overview? Maybe different Esee fire steel or company became as soon as sold out? it became as soon as greater made in 2014? my tin is dusky and the steel I received looked appreciate it had been on the bottom of the ocean for twenty years. Sent for replacement and it appears to be worse than the first. Yours appears to be contemporary. Or no longer it’s out of the ordinary since the internal edge (for the finger holes) peep appreciate contemporary gash steel with a crisp edge between corrosion on the face & support and contemporary steel on the internal. Can’t even read the Esee engraving.

  6. I even have this product. It came in a equipment tin along with about a different kinds of tinder ( char cloth,beefy wood,wick,ect ) along with a moderately exquisite share of chirt/flint for sparks. Factual wondering how well-known pressure create I take advantage of when striking the chirt/flint for sparks? But I create love this equipment plenty.

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