Emerson EDC-2 Multitool Knife

Emerson EDC-2 Multitool Knife

11 thoughts on “Emerson EDC-2 Multitool Knife”

  1. TSA correct confiscated the one I forgot to rob out of my work bag. She mentioned it needed to many blades, whatever. Presumably I can replace it with something enjoy this.

  2. that music sounds enjoy ought to you survey a individual you enjoy in a club or bar and your buddy correct talking but you correct having a leer at that individual all the plan in which in the course of the room

  3. The kind of bummer, I used to be majorly disappointed. Why can not somebody originate a correct slim no longer ridiculously mountainous multi machine

  4. Hi, thanks for the overview.I am shopping for an a linked folding knife/multi toolsIt must be that you should maybe maybe also imagine to block the tools and has a pocket clip too. Lift out any other model/price ?Thanks very noteworthy.

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