Emerson Mammoth Karambit – Combatives

Emerson Mammoth Karambit – Combatives

11 thoughts on “Emerson Mammoth Karambit – Combatives”

  1. Hell yeah man I have confidence you. At the same time as that you just must per chance well per chance accumulate got some boxing solutions and can expend your hands this knife will enact its job furthermore with some standard-sense. I enact mediate training is accessible in helpful for instances when the attacker jumps you from in the abet of.

  2. My friend’s dad purchased me one of these, basically the most easy self-defense thing I accumulate. Confidently I will never want it, however it be gorgeous comforting to in actuality discover about how effective it’s!

  3. It’s hilarious coming abet to this video six years later. Right form stuff, & refreshing over listening to about the discontinue of The United States & how our flesh pressers are traitors.

  4. i went with the spyderco because all emerson karambits are capability too thicc. that acknowledged, it be no longer doubtless for me to factor in a folding knife with out the wave feature. that feature is pure money. furthermore, karambits are from indonesia (no longer malaysia) even though they prolifereated in each and each attach. silat (indonesian), kali (filipino), and bando (burmese); all 3 martial arts accumulate deep rabbit holes of karabit-particular solutions. i would crawl to this point as to explain the knife is utterly ineffective with out those solutions. the karahawk is slow-very most attention-grabbing for twenty-four/7 edc as a result of light weight, slim profile, and unobtrusive ring. i wish emerson made one 20% smaller & 50% lighter.

  5. Fox 479 all the capability. Now not as costly. Arguably better metal. Mine has micarta. Less paunchy. I enact take care of this one even though 2d very most attention-grabbing tied with the provoke even supposing my provoke has crap metal.

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