Exhaustion in the Wild Ep 5 – 10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Barren situation

10 thoughts on “Exhaustion in the Wild Ep 5 – 10 Days, 10 Items; Alone on an Island in the Canadian Barren situation”

  1. I did a 10 day survival.pike is off the menu.lmao,I did a childhood of digging via grocery store garbage.this isn't a 10 day survival.this is I in actuality luxuriate in selections.if I caint obtain what I will I'll simply spend what I baughtty youtube subs.

  2. 8:20 Yeah bro i Additionally had been listening to constant planes hovering when tenting in isolated areas in califronia sierra mountains, ive been doing Alot of tenting up in sierra since i was a small one(since reduction in early 90s) never heard it earlier than, till about after 2008-2010,,, i believe they’re defense power commentary drones, doubtlessly nuclear or recount voltaic powered with invisible stealth expertise

  3. joe, u create rather heaps of errors as any individual doing survival displays. you are constantly risking yourself and no real survivalist would attain that. a damaged ankle can assassinate you when on my own. a damaged hand can assassinate you. a straightforward fall could perchance moreover moreover be the closing thing u ever attain. but here you are trampling in a river with slippery rocks as a replacement of strolling on the perimeters of the financial institution. rookie errors my buddy. simply looking for to be precious. dont create errors admire that bro. i moreover detect u ingesting and ingesting as SOON as its off the pot. imperfect pass bro. discontinuance doing that. a straightforward blister from hot food or liquid can obtain infected and within the wild theres alot of micro organism bro. so watch out man i admire ur movies, dont wanna detect anything else happen to you

  4. Der Joe,thanks for sharing your tuogh jurney with us. I in actuality luxuriate in the feeling, that you haven't ample Walter. If you are dehydrated, your organs are no longer functioning neatly. That causes moreover strange needs, exhostion and headakes. What attain you insist?ML AnDi

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