9 thoughts on “EXPLORING INDONESIA BY KAYAK. HELPING BABY ANIMALS IN NEED! take and cook breakfast. EP 52”

  1. Simply love your videos. Stumble on forward to them every Sunday and wish there were more Sundays within the week. Thank s to your videos. Let me talk aussie. ” you're ah myth”

  2. Completely essentially the most inviting human he doesn't over fish he goes out of his manner to support animals he doesn't are attempting to take nothing he does what he does every video which Is look after the land for letting him enact what he does

  3. Hi buddy , I derive your compassion, appreciate , & kindness in direction of all living creatures very touching that I' yowl ! Even hungry you let the fish drag free ! That minute one goat is so very pitiful & it’s completely newly born & most efficient a day or 2 extinct ,. Judging from those fragile trembling legs , awkwardly askew I beloved goats & had 2 as pets , even grown they continue to be docile & faithful , you will feed her with some lightly sugared water dipping a powerful rag into it for the her to chunk on ,,,,, i,e., till you look cow's milk ,. Nonetheless please enact dilute that milk by half of water & 1/2 milk till it's a month extinct, A smal tip , please don't misunderstand okay ? The bamboo outdated for plucking coconuts , would (I factor in ) be of some distance higher expend whereas you happen to create a fork formed attachments to it at it's very high , going each ways ,,,. One .《 V 》 upwards to prize the coconut of it's stalk , any other positioned above it or even underneath the first 《 V 》 , preferably a wire whereas you happen to appear it , it the shape of a 《 ? 》 hook to even a bright fragment of steel (you'd be higher at this innovation) ,,. Which cuts off the stem & drops the copconut of your alternative. Within the extinct country we had this angler , however we had to preserve discontinuance it , it's nearly treasure a tiny sickle positioned at very high of a gentle-weight bamboo stick . One more tip ,,, moderately than undeniable water on your fish STEW you will expend coconut water & slivers of coconut meat into the stew i,e, ir you will win extra coconut at your disposal, it effectively be delectable combination added into the Salt water , crabs we cook dinner in undeniable sea water , most efficient adequate to quilt the CRABS, Please enact not ideas my sharing just a few of our youthful experiences . You are so very progressive & inventive too . I've most efficient now started watching your reveals & am devouring them all of sudden ,, even picked up huge ideas from you , however my age hinders my camping so I totally love all of your adventures , { & too expend rags on your hand when starting a hearth } , as your blisters would perchance flip septic , & enact permit your fingers to take a seat down in sea water as it's , as you know a disinfectant ,… sitting within the water after your work is executed, will alleviate the joint bother (well-behaved treasure EPSON SALTS does ) . Pause appropriate & persist with it with those comely views if the sunset ,. Nostalgic memories to me & many others I'm sure . Bless you & thank you .

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