False Flags Could maybe BE COMING

False Flags Could maybe BE COMING

11 thoughts on “False Flags Could maybe BE COMING”

  1. The shrimp bully woman pushes you within the chest, then within the face, then within the peer, and whereas you happen to mosey wait on…… They cry the victim.

  2. They’ve laid the groundwork for a unfounded flag match. I don’t thunder it has to happen before the midterms; even supposing that can seem just like the ideal option for the dictatorship. A unfounded flag match initiating bigger scale “insurrection” after the midterms nonetheless before the GOP takes situation of work in January will also work.

  3. Neutral as they’ve the truth checkers and the leisure of the left hoodwinked, they wish the leisure of us to in the end drop in within the wait on of of the memoir, so are you a frog and prevent within the good warmth water unless the head, or are you gonna jump out develop some enamel and bite wait on. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸%

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