Fed Boys at it AGAIN

Fed Boys at it AGAIN

11 thoughts on “Fed Boys at it AGAIN”

  1. But any other channel (Dronetek) stole this list of the four dudes and posted on his channel enjoy they were at a VA rally. Posing as tiki torch white supremacy. Clearly photo shopped. It sad to gaze somebody enjoy that photo shop appropriate to be capable to add wretchedness to insult. Increasing extra abominate or lies on this nation. I’m obvious FBI are being placed undercover at rally’s but label the fact. That varied channel is a silly chronicle! I’ve never considered or researched something else on Dim Scout that wasn’t impartial. Preserve it up!

  2. I modified into as soon as watching video and acquired kicked off of YouTube and the app wouldn’t let me support in. Needed to restart my phone appropriate to jot down this comment. THE FEDS ARE WATCHING US.

  3. Leftest man, they were vetted after jan6th. They vetted the milatary, many of the federal employee’s are leftest. Trump had no idea how high up they are and peaceable are. You may per chance presumably furthermore impartial now not ever gaze any other election, we are in a position to be at war at home and in any other nation.

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