Freeway Whisk, Unique Boat, Dinner with Shawn

Freeway Whisk, Unique Boat, Dinner with Shawn

10 thoughts on “Freeway Whisk, Unique Boat, Dinner with Shawn”

  1. Hi Joe, I in level of truth loved this vlog vogue! All of your videos are mountainous. It's fun seeing what you gain as much as and it's piquant me to exit and select a survey at the identical! Hope you and your loved ones are all successfully. With admire from the UK.

  2. Hi there Joe…. Had been watching a couple of of more moderen videos (July 2020) and used to be abnormal about the gap up of the boat you were the utilize of. I was happy to gain this Vlog and gain a small more insight into the beautiful lines, growth and structure of your boat. Been subscribed for a couple of years now and repeatedly revel on your videos…. Thanks

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