Funds Knives. E2 My EDC Folder.

Funds Knives. E2 My EDC Folder.

10 thoughts on “Funds Knives. E2 My EDC Folder.”

  1. Ordered March 15th, 2017 will replace when it arrives. Thanks for the extensive advice purchased it for my outdoorsy kid. Valid first EDC for her to begin with. Could well perchance finish my Kershaw going AWOL the total time.

  2. I in truth like a Ganzo and I bask in it. The usual for the value is what impressed me, plus the 440C has held up basically smartly. I in truth like a original came across appreciate for that steel. Or now not it’s for hotfoot my beater knife.

  3. I’ve got manner too many Ganzo knives now. The total criticisms aside, they’re so low-cost I’ve now got a actually decent knife in all our vehicles, in every pack I use and tools map, and in strategic locations so-to-focus on round our build of abode. Or now not it’s gigantic. By no manner searching out for out a correct knife. Valid stuff.

  4. I bough a equivalent one from Ganzo but I in truth like a abnormal feeling the lock – it be bask in you movement it appropriate 1mm and it be unlocked. Make now not fancy that … so I stopped up with Ontario Rat-1 with linerlock. More costly, I know, but I get the lock extra accurate.

  5. I’ve lost just a few $70+ edc knives, and it sucks. I’m all about the use of a funds knife to operate my lunch sandwich in my car, work within the garden, drag fishing,or searching. Gearbest takes without discontinuance to ship, bask in 30+ days; but low-cost stuff with free transport from China comes at a stamp. thumbs up

  6. Hiya Joe. Some folding knives knives like that jimping now not to be frail when reducing but moderately to give grip frail as a non deadly hanging tool or glassbreaker when folded. Now not asserting thats the case here on tale of ganzo likely appropriate did it in an try to immitate other knife designs – which is invent of thier side on most units.In the occasion you is in all chance knives this pricerange accomplish certain to concider a Leatherman wingman at round 25 usd. Realisticly a multitool with start air acces blades will operate most responsibilities appropriate aswell, tainted 440c must level-headed be equivalent to correct 420HC and you get the added profit of the reduction of the tools.

  7. Hiya Joe! Thanx for the video! I’m a original subscriber and I’m enjoying ALL of your movies in particular your 4+day and night journeys. Bought a spot an inform to, I’m level-headed original to all of this and got myself a mora #2… got it on Amazon for bout 25$ usd. What’s your appropriate notion, must level-headed I preserve it as a predominant or get one thing else and preserve that within the pack as backup? I bask in it, completely side is I needed to file the spine to get a straight edge to use with a fire steel. Thanx!!!

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