Funds Survival KNIFE?

Funds Survival KNIFE?

11 thoughts on “Funds Survival KNIFE?”

  1. My two “survival knives” don’t appear to be expensive. One is an ulu and the substitute is a humble outmoded Western Cutlery W84. I’ve accomplished every little thing I acquire to originate with these two knives including making bows, arrows, shelter constructing, making water tight birch bark containers, making cordage, fishing traps and poles,and other survivaly forms of things.

  2. I acquired this knife as a backup up if my backup fails. And positive it scratched the hell out of regarded as one of my knives on that firesteel. Fortunately it changed into a beater knife anyhow.

  3. For 9 bucks I would fairly acquire one than no longer. The model that the dolla goes, why no longer buy one. It’ll label 3x as critical in a year or two.

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